ees were splintered by the shells, the church was nearly a total wreck from the same cause, and two houses by the road had been riddled by

bullets into a sieve, and also damaged by shells. On the whole scene of war I have not seen one house carrying so many bullets in it; their holes made the doors look like wire-netting. In these houses the French had barricaded themselves, brought mitrailleuses to them, and defended them until the last. None of those heroes left them alive. My colleague took many snapshots of this remarkable spot, while I colle

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On that day the town was not damaged much. Some house

Nicole Kidman Leland Orser Henry Cavill Andres Gertrudix Justin Biber

s were destroyed by German howitzers, which were undoubtedly aimed at the French regiments o

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n the left bank. One Red Cross helper who lived at Dinant was killed by a German bullet when he was taking up one of the wounded. "The next day all remained quiet, t

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he French keeping the surrounding places occupied; not one fight took place between the two armies and nothing happened wh

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ich might be looked upon as a hostile action by the populations, and there were no German troops near Dinant. "At about nine o'clock of Friday evening, August 21

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st, German soldiers arriving by rail from Ciney marched into the town by the Rue Saint Jacques. They began to shoot into the windows without the slightest provo

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n a circle, whic

cation, killed a workman who was on his way home, wounded another inha

bitant and compelled him to call out: 'Long live the Kaiser.' A third they wounded in the abdomen with thrusts of their bayonets. They burst into the cafés, requisitioned all sp


  • h impression was strengthened by the fact that frequently we passed through tunnels and viaducts
  • which were very alike to one another. I felt very sick, for the sweet rye-bread wh
  • ich I had forced down my throat in the morning did not agree with me at all. At last I felt so i
  • ll that I162 was obliged to lie down on the floor of the car, and it took my colleague all
  • his time to convince me that he did not think that my last hour had struck. In the end and i